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Chive   /   Allium schoenoprasum

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Chive - Allium schoenoprasum (latin)

Geographical origins: Asia, Europe.
Adult dimensions: Height up to 30 cm, spread up to 30 cm.
Foliage: Semi-evergreen.
Type of soil: Moist, rich, light and well drained, preferably neutral to acid.
Climate: Hardy to -25°C.
Site: Partial shade to full sun.
Planting's density: 6/m².

Characteristics and uses:
Chive is a bulbous perennial from the garlic family. We eat its cylindrical leaves, finely cut to flavour salads, fish, meat or omelette and other cooked, egg-dishes...
Chive needs a soil rich and moist. It can be grown in a pot on a window's ledge, or again in the ground in the company of other aromatic herbs. It does not require a lot of looking after; you only need to ensure that it does not go up to seeds by cutting it regularly. Divide the clump every two to three yers to rejuvenate your plant.

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