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Ficus 'Golden King' - Ficus 'Golden King' (latin)
Indoor plant

Recommended temperature: 15 to 22°C.
Hygrometry: Humid atmosphere.
Site: Light shade to full sun.
Geographical origins: Asia.
Adult dimensions: From 2 to 4 m indoors, up to 30 m outside in its original habitat.
Growth: Rapid.
Toxicity: Its leaves are toxic and its sap is an irritant.

Properties and uses:
An excellent houseplant, the ficus 'Golden King' will bring a feeling of peace and calm to your interior.
Its beautiful green foliage edged with a creamy white will light up the room.
In addition, the ficus 'Golden King' is an air purifying plant that is efficient against ammonia, formaldehyde, xylene and toluene.

Looking after advice:

It is best to place your Ficus in a light room.
- However pay attention not to put it next to a window that is exposed to the sun for long periods as this may cause burning of its leaves.
- Your Ficus is at home in rooms where the temperature is between 15°C and 22°C. When outside temperatures allow, you can put your Ficus out on the patio.

- Water it with care especially during the winter. A good guide is to wait until the soil surface is dry before watering.
- It prefers a soft water that is not calcareous.
- When it is hot do not hesitate to spray its leaves.

Why are the leaves of my Ficus falling off ?
This happens when the Ficus either moves place or is exposed to air currents. The Ficus is very sensitive to changes in temperature.

Why are the leaves of my Ficus turning yellow ?
As is often the case this is due to over watering, which leads to asphyxiation of the roots of the Ficus.

Soil and Compost

Potting Compost

Potting Compost: Suggested uses
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