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Lime, Finger   /   Microcitrus australasica

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9931L Finger lime - Microcitrus australasica
Photo available
Plant in 20 litres pot – Height of plant: 125/150 cm.
Delivery by specialised carrier.
124.50 Available
9931T Finger lime - Microcitrus australasica
Plant grown in 20 liters pot - Height of plant: 125/150 cm.
Unit price available starting from 2 units purchased.
Delivery by specialised carrier.
119.50 Available
9931M Pink Finger lime - Microcitrus australasica
Grafted plant in 5 litres pot – Height of plant: 40/50 cm.
54.50 Available
9931J Finger lime - Microcitrus australasica
Grafted plant in 5 litres pot – Height of plant: 40/50 cm.
44.50 Available
9931A FERTILISER – Fertiliser tablet to place at the bottom of the hole before planting. Slow release over 7 to 8 months. Only 1 tablet in each hole. 0.40 Available


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Finger Lime - Microcitrus australasica (latin)

Geographical origin: Australia.
Adult Dimensions: Height up to 7m.
Foliage: Evergreen.
Type of soil: Moist to wet, rich and well-drained.
Climate: Hardy up to -5°C.
Site: Full sun.

Characteristics and uses:
The Finger Lime (Caviar Lime) takes its name from the small pods present in its fruits. They come away naturally and reveal their sour flavour, bursting in the mouth when munched. They can be used to flavour dishes. The fruits can also be pickled. They are long, cylindrical and measure between 4 and 8 cm in length. The skin colour at maturity varies from yellow to blackish brown, between October and December. The springtime flowers are white and scented. To finish, this shrub has fine, fragile branches with small thorns.
The citron caviar needs a sunny site and regular watering. It is also necessary to protect it from frost in winter.

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