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Spring Container Spring Cube Camellia - Collection Spring-Summer

Decorate your balcony, your windows and your terrace with style thanks to our seasonal window-boxes!
Ready in only a few minutes, these floral compositions will brighten up your winter while waiting for the return of spring.

A breath of spring air is blowing at our green designers! Discover our spring creation all in lightness with the Camellia transnokoensis and its flowering buds just about to bloom in this beginning of March. At its base, lies a carpet of colours with the winter-flowering, red Heathers and the Ivies Mona Lisa. This is a beautiful display which will evolve the entire spring.

Discover in 1 minute the different essential steps of the window-box realisation, click here to view our video!

The creation 'Spring Cube Camellia' consists of :
- 1 x Camellia transnokoensis
- 2 x Red Winter Heath
- 2 x Ivy 'Mona Lisa'

It is presented in the Granite Lechuza® Cube Cottage 40 pot, 39 cm in side and a height of 40 cm.

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