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Buddha's hand, Fingered Citron   /   Citrus medica sarcodactylis

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Buddha's hand-Fingered Citron - Citrus medica var. sarcodactylis (latin)

Geographical origins: India, North-eastern China.
Adult size: Height up to 3 m, spread up to 2 m.
Foliage: Evergreen.
Type of soil: Deep, rich, sensitive to calcareous soil.
Climate: Non-hardy, sensitive to temperatures below -5°C.
Site: Full sun.

Characteristics and uses:
The Buddha's hand is a small, thorny shrub which bears unusual looking fruits which look like hands. Its highly fragrant fruits are used by the Chinese and Japanese to perfume rooms and items of clothing, or in cooking: candied, in zest or again cut with their skin on to flavour salads, fish dishes or fruits' salads...

The Buddha's hand is sensitive to frost and both pot and foliage have to be protected from cold in winter as it does not withstand temperatures below -5°C.
Except in areas where it never freezes, the Buddha's hand needs to be brought into a non-heated, cool room or a conservatory in winter.

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Care advice:

Watering: Citrus trees do not like drought so it is important to water them regularly but sparingly. In summer, water every day if necessary and in winter water once or twice weekly.
Fertiliser: From March to October, supply a specific citrus fertiliser once a month.
Pruning: Prune regularly in the spring and in summer to encourage ramification and keep to the wished shape.

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