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Cherry tree, Self-fertile Dwarf 'Cherry Baby'   /   Prunus cerasus 'Porthos'

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Self-fertile dwarf cherry tree 'Cherry Baby' - Prunus cerasus 'Porthos' (latin)

Area of origin: Horticulture
Adult Dimensions: Height up to 1.50 m
Foliage: Deciduous
Soil type: Moist and rich. Avoid dry soils
Hardiness: Hardy to -15°C.
Exposure: Full sun

Properties and uses:
The Cherry tree Cherry baby is a dwarf fruit tree, its height is about one meter fifty, and it grows well in pots. It is a hardy variety (down to -15°C), fruit-bearing and self-fertile: only one plant is needed for fruit production, as soon as the second year.
The blossoming will last from March to April, then the first cherries will appear in early summer.

The Cherry tree is the most common and most planted fruit tree, due to the cherries’ tasty flavour and high level of vitamin C. Thanks to the dwarf ‘Cherry Baby’ tree, everyone will enjoy a good crop of cherries, even without a big space or an orchard.
Plant the tree in a container for your terrace or balcony, or plant it in the garden with other small fruit trees to enjoy different crops. It is easy to find a sunny spot for this small tree!

Low maintenance
The dwarf Cherry tree ‘Cherry Baby’ is adapted to any type of culture and to all spaces.
If planted in a container, think about a draining system in the bottom of the pot, consisting in gravel or clay pebbles. Don’t hesitate to spread mulch at the foot of the plant. No pruning is needed.

A good crop to come
The production of cherries generally occurs in the second year following the planting.
When it is 5 years-old, the tree produces lots of fruits, with an average of 15 kg of cherries per year!

Plant them now: the shortest way to your plate is through your garden!

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