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Rubber Plant   /   Ficus elastica Abidjan

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Rubber Plant - Ficus elastica 'Abidjan' (latin)
Indoor plant

Recommended temperature: 15 to 21.
Hygrometry: Normal to humid atmosphere.
Site: Full sun.
Geographical origins: Asian tropical jungles.
Adult sizing: Height up to 40 m in its natural habitat, can easily reach 2 m indoors.
Growth: Rapid.

Properties and uses:
The Rubber Plant is a superb indoor plant with thick, large, shiny, tough leaves. It creates a focal point placed in a living area, near a window, a bay window or in a conservatory.

Looking after advice:

The Rubber Plant withstands drought but prefers a humid atmosphere and regular watering with water at room temperature.
- Do not let water stand in the saucer and let the earth ball dry out between two watering.
- Mist the foliage regularly.
- From April to September, give it some fertiliser every three weeks.

- To keep your plant beautiful and glossy, clean the leaves with a humid, soft cloth.

What can I do if my Rubber Plant is losing its leaves ?
It is probably because it gets too much water or not enough. The ideal watering frequency is when the top soil dries out between two watering. Make sure that water does not stagnate in the saucer. Make sure also that the water used is at room temperature and not hard.

My Rubber Plant has white, sticky marks on its leaves
It is attacked by the mealy bug. These airborne parasites have a great affinity with houseplants. Attacks are more frequent when the surrounding air is dry. Utilise a product especially developed for houseplants and regularly mist its foliage with water.

My Rubber Plant has yellowing leaves
It is most probably caused by red spider mite attack. Utilise a product especially developed for houseplants and regularly mist its foliage with water.

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