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Spring Container Spring Red Cherry - Collection Spring-Summer

Decorate your balcony, your windows and your terrace with style thanks to our seasonal window-boxes!
Ready in only a few minutes, these floral compositions will make some envious!

Our green designers have created an audacious combination between the dwarf Fuji Cherry tree 'Kojo No Mai' and the Camellia Japonica 'Black Lace'. At their base, small false sprireas also called false goat's beard (Sorbaria sorbifolia) create an element of surprise with their indented, colour-changing foliage.

Discover in 1 minute the different essential steps of the window-box realisation, click here to view our video!

The creation 'Spring Red Cherry' consists of :
- 1 x Prunus incisa 'Kojo No Mai' (Fuji Cherry)
- 1 x Camellia japonica 'Black Lace'(Japanese Camellia)
- 4 x Sorbaria sorbifolia (False Spirea)

It is presented in the white, Classico Color 35 pot from Lechuza® which has a 34 cm diameter and a height of 32 cm. This floral composition is also perfect grown lengthways in a window-box or in a square pot.

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