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Jerusalem Cherry, Christmas Cherry   /   Solanum pseudocapsicum

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Jerusalem Cherry, Christmas Cherry - Solanum pseudocapsicum (latin)

Recommended temperature: 15°C.
Area of origin: South America
Humidity: Dry atmosphere
Soil Type: Moist and humus rich
Exposure: Full sun, but not direct

Properties and uses:
Commonly known as the Jerusalem Cherry this small rounded shrub is cultivated indoor in our latitudes.
It has a green wavy foliage and pretty, white star-shaped flowers.
The Jerusalem Cherry is a very decorative indoor plant, as it produces round berries in hues of orange, red and yellow in the end of summer, that last all through winter.

Looking after advice:

- Make sure no kids or animals touch the plant, because the berries are inedible and poisonous!
- It appreciates moist soils, but doesn’t like excess of humidity, so don’t use a saucer.
- It is recommended to add liquid fertiliser between May and September.
- It appreciates to be in the garden in summer, which allows its pollination, but keep it inside when temperatures are below 5°C.

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