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Plum tree 'Mirabelle de Nancy'   /   Prunus domestica Mirabelle de Nancy

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Plum tree 'Mirabelle de Nancy' - Prunus domestica 'Mirabelle de Nancy' (latin)

Geographic origin: Asia, introduced into France at the time of the Crusades.
Adult size: Height up to 7 metres.
Foliage: Deciduous.
Type of soil: All.
Climate: Hardy to -17°C.
Position: Full sun.
Pollinators: Self fertile, but the yield will be improved if there is a Quetsche or golden Reine Claude plum tree nearby.

Properties and uses:
Widespread in our gardens, the plum tree is adorned with lovely white flowers at the start of the spring. These form on the previous year’s branches, so be careful not to over prune.
The plum tree is particularly susceptible to various diseases and must be closely watched after the flowers appear.
The plum tree Mirabelle has small yellowy red fruits. The flesh is quite firm, not very juicy but very sweet, smooth and scented. The fruit is ready to pick in August. This plum tree is very vigorous and has a tendency to produce fruit only every other year. It is advisable to try to limit the number of flowers produced in order to reduce its fruit production. Regular pruning is needed to aerate the centre of the tree.

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