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Dipladenia Tipi - Dipladenia Sanderi Tipi (latin)

Geographical origin: Brazil.
Adult dimensions: Height up to 2 m, width up to 2 m.
Evergreen: Evergreen.
Type of soil: Any.
Hardiness: The plant dies below 10°C, best grown as an annual plant outside its original geographic area.
Exposure: Full sun.

Properties and uses:
The Dipladenia Sanderi is a superb climber that will display pretty flowers from spring right through to the end of summer. It does not need much care and is very resistant to draught.
For the best decorative effect, we recommend that you train your Dipladenia as it growths.
To keep it from one year to the other, pull down the stems to approximately 10 cm in the autumn, and keep your Dipladenia between 12 and 15°C. The following spring, repot in a rich compost.
Beware, the Dipladenia Sanderi contains an irritable substance if touched, and is toxic by ingestion. Do not plant at children reach.

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