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Spathiphyllum, Moon flower - Spathiphyllum (latin)
Indoor plant

Recommended temperature: 20 to 22°C. The plant will die if the temperature falls below 10°C.
Hygrometry: Humid atmosphere.
Site: Partial shade to full light, not direct sun light.
Geographical origins: Humid tropical forests in south America.

Properties and uses:
The spathiphyllum is a decorative plant that is easy to live with.
Its long leaves are dark shiny green and it will produce white flowers in the spring and summer. In the right conditions it can even flower throughout the year.
Its foliage is also well known for its ability to absorb various toxins found in the air such as ammonia, acetone and benzene...

Looking after advice:

The spathiphyllum needs a humid atmosphere.
- Place the pot on a saucer filled with clay marbles that are constantly kept wet.
- Do not hesitate to spray the leaves with water if the air is too dry.
- Water it moderately and let the soil surface dry out between watering.
- It is best placed behind a south facing window but make sure it does not receive direct sun light.
- During the spring and summer feed with a special liquid fertiliser for green plants once a month.
- Remove the dead flowers this will encourage new ones to appear.
- Also remove any damaged leaves as they appear.
- Expect to re-pot it every two to three years. Do this in the spring and use only a slightly larger pot. After a few years instead of re-potting it is possible to renew some of the soil in the pot instead.

Soil and Compost

Potting Compost

Potting Compost: Suggested uses
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