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Sasa, Sasaella and Pseudosasa Bamboos

Sasa, Sasaella and Pseudosasa Bamboos Height
Ø cane
Pseudosasa japonica
Olive green to pale beige canes at maturity, dark green long leaves that are grey underneath, slightly weeping shape.
Runner root system (spreading variety)
4-5,5 0,5-1,5 -25 View prices
Pseudosasa japonica Tsutsumiana
Green canes between swollen knots, green foliage.
Runner root system
2-3,5 -25 View prices
Sasaella masamuneana Albostriata
Green or brown canes, flattened around the knots, light beige sheath. Very long green leaves (up to 50cm) with creamy white stripes, cascading weeping shape.
Runner root system (spreading variety)
1-2 0,4-1 -23 View prices
Sasa kurilensis
Pale green canes, broad shiny green leaves, open shape which is slightly weeping. Young edible shoots.
Runner root system
1,5-3,5 0,2-2,5 -26 View prices
Sasa palmata nebulosa
Green canes stained with black, very light broad green leaves.
Runner root system
1-4 0,4-1 -26 View prices
Sasa tsuboiana
Dark green smooth leaves
Runner root system
1,5-2 0,3-0,5 -22 View prices
Sasa veitchii
Slim slightly purple canes, sheath covered in dense long hairs, dark green leaves edged with creamy white in winter.
Runner root system
0,8-1,5 0,4-0,8 -23 View prices

Sasa, Sasaella and Pseudosasa Bamboos
These small bamboos are perfect for borders or hedges. They allow you to make dense screens and are ideal for breaking up a small garden. When grown in tubs they provide lovely green foliage for both the inside or outside of the home.
Sasa bamboo can also be used around a swimming pool

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