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Mahonia without thorns 'Soft caress'   /   Mahonia eurybracteata 'Soft Caress'

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Mahonia without thorns 'Soft caress'® - Mahonia 'Soft caress'® (latin)

Area of origin: Horticulture
Adult Dimensions: Height up to 1 m (3,3'), width up to 1,50 m (4,9').
Foliage: Evergreen.
Soil Type: Moist, well-drained soil.
Hardiness: All climates. Hardy to -10°C.
Exposure: Shade to semi-shade.
Planting distances: 1 per m2, 4 per m2 for ground covering

Properties and uses:
The foliage of the Mahonia without thorns Soft Caress is so soft it will remind you of the fern leaves. From September to November the shrub is covered with yellow flowers, followed by silvery black-bluish fruits which ripen from November to March. These fruits are appreciated by birds, and can be cooked and eaten in jelly.
Carefully plant this Mahonia in a shady area of the garden, or in planters on shaded balconies and terraces.

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