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Rose 'Mme A. Meilland', Rose 'Peace'   /   Rosa Mme A. Meilland

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Rose 'Mme A. Meilland'® - Rosa 'Mme A. Meilland'® (latin)

Breeder: Meilland 1942.

Blossom: Repeating.
Flower diameter: Approximately 16 cm.
Fragrance: Light.
Adult dimensions: Height up to 120 cm.
Foliage: Deciduous.

Type of soil: Rich and free draining, avoid chalky soils.
Climate: Very hardy.
Site: Full sun.
Planting spacing: Approximately 50 cm between each plant.

Properties and uses:
The Rose 'Mme Antoine Meilland' is one of the most planted Rose in the world ! It is also known under the name of 'Peace', this name being given to it after the end of the Second World War by its hybridiser.
The very large, double flowers of this Hybrid Tea Rose open widely in a cup, letting appear a creamy to golden yellow heart which has carmine-pink edges on the external petals. They appear continually from April right through to October. The flowers shades can slightly vary according to the type of soil they grow in, the amount of sun they are getting and their age.
The Rose 'Mme A. Meilland' has bright green foliage and is highly disease-resistant. It is a safe bet for all gardens!

A.A.R.S. (All American Rose Selection) in 1946,
First Favourite Rose of the world in 1976 by the Hall of Fame of the WFRS (World Federation of the Roses' Society),
Gold Medal in Portland in 1944
ARS in 1947.

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