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Nashi or Asian Pear   /   Pyrus pyrifolia

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Nashi, Asian Pear - Pyrus pyrifolia (latin)

Geographic origin: Temperate regions of the Far East.
Adult size: Height up to 5 metres.
Foliage: Deciduous.
Type of soil: Light and deep.
Climate: Hardy to -15°C.
Position: Full sun.
Pollinators: Pear 'Williams'.

Properties and uses:
Nashi is the Japanese word for pear. This tree is closely related to the pear tree. It produces fruits called Nashis, which have the shape of an apple and a taste very similar to that of a pear. They are crunchy and juicy. They are harvested when ripe from August onwards.

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The different varieties:
Nashi 'Shinseiki': The Nashi 'Shinseiki' is round , with a smooth greenish-yellow skin and sweet and juicy flesh. It reaches maturity beginning of August.
Nashi 'Hosui': The nashi 'Hosui' has a brown skin, a juicy texture and reaches maturity mid-August/Early September.
Nashi 'Kosui': The Nashi 'Kosui' is the most widespread Nashi in Japan. It produces large, round fruits which have a reddish-brown skin, a white, juicy, flavoursome flesh and reach maturity at the end of August.

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