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May 26th, 2021

Discover our selection to enjoy strawberries all summer long!
The strawberry is a perennial plant well appreciated for its abundant production of small fruits. It is also used as a ground-covering plant, or to ornate flowerbeds in an unusual way.
The strawberries are harvested when they are bright red and come away easily. They are rich in vitamins and low in calories, making them the perfect summer fruit. Excellent for fresh eating, used in jams, fruit purées, tarts, or sorbets, they will delight the young and the adults alike!
Discover our selection of Strawberry
Strawberry 'Framberry'
The strawberry 'Framberry', both strawberry and raspberry!
This strawberry 'Framberry' is quite unusual, as it combines the tastes of both the strawberry and the raspberry. It produces round, juicy and sweet tasting fruits.
The strawberry 'Framberry' is auto fertile, a single plant will be enough to produce fruits, but the harvest will be all the better with more plants!
Strawberry 'Framberry'
The strawberry 'Pineberry', both strawberry and pineapple!
The strawberry 'Pineberry' produces white fruits which combine the taste of the strawberry and the sweetness of the pineapple!
The round and juicy strawberries are very tasty. Those white strawberries will add an original touch in your garden and your plate!
Strawberry 'Pineberry'
Strawberry 'Pineberry'
Strawberry 'Maestro'
The strawberry 'Maestro', the Big !
The strawberry 'Maestro' is a tardy variety which produces fruits several times from mid-June until the first frost.
High production of very big strawberries, some can weigh up to 50g! Their pulp is firm and juicy, and they are perfect for making jams or to use in ice creams and pastry!
Strawberry 'Maestro'
Discover our selection of Strawberry
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