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December 5th, 2021

For the pleasure of your eyes or taste buds, discover our selection of plants with edible leaves and berries
Focus on edible leaves and berries
1. Tea Plant
Different sorts of tea are obtained from this plant species: the Tea plant (Camelia Sinensis). We generally use the young leaves found at the end of the branches. About 10kg of leaves are needed to prepare 2.5kg of dried tea. The flowers are highly fragrant. The Tea plant can be planted as part of a wild hedge, in flowerbeds or on its own in the garden.
Tea Plant
Tea Plant
Canadian Serviceberry
2. Canadian Serviceberry
The Canadian Serviceberry is appreciated for its red to orange autumn foliage and the abundant white spring blossoming followed by new leaves and the famous berries. The fruits of the Canadian Serviceberry are as big as peas, and their purplish-brown pulp is sweet and tasty. The Canadian Serviceberry is quite interesting to plant in mixed or country hedges, or on its own in the garden.
Canadian Serviceberry
3. Szechuan Pepper
The Szechuan Pepper is a thorny shrub from the Citrus family which produces small berries in autumn. The Szechuan Pepper does not require any particular care but it is better to train it to facilitate the harvesting of the berries. It is the perfect plant to use in a defensive hedge, because of its numerous thorns.
Szechuan Pepper
Szechuan Pepper
Edible Royal Fuchsia
4. Edible Royal Fuchsia
The Fuchsia regia 'Reitzii', or Edible Royal Fuchsia, is bejewelled with nice red to purple bell-shaped flowers. It is the only Fuchsia variety that produces purplish-black berries which pulp is sweet and lightly bitter and which works well in jams.
In a flowerbed or in a pot, the Fuchsia brings colour to your garden. It is preferable to prune the bush at the end of winter, so new shoots can develop.
Edible Royal Fuchsia
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