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Raspberry Orange Creeping   /   Rubus pentalobus 'Emerald Carpet'

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Raspberry Orange Creeping - Rubus pentalobus 'Emerald Carpet' (latin)

Area of origin: Asia
Adult dimensions: Height up to 30cm, width up to 1m
Foliage: Evergreen
Soil type: Any type
Hardiness: Hardy to -20°C
Exposure: Partial shade to full sun
Density of plantation: 2 plants/m²

Properties and uses:
The Emerald Carpet Creeping Raspberry is native to the mountains of Taiwan. It is an evergreen groundcover with unusual yellow to orange berries.
The Emerald Carpet Raspberry is tough, and no maintenance is required. It is a fast-growing groundcover, able to revegetate inaccessible areas such as ditches, banks, and shady undergrowth.
It can also be used to accompany cultures for weed control, while producing berries. When planted on steep slopes, it is a valuable asset to prevent soil erosion. These two functions, groundcover and food provider, make it an interesting and unique shrub.

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