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Astilbe Red   /   Astilbe rubra

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Astilbe Red - Astilbe Rubra (latin)

Geographical origin: Asia.
Foliage: Deciduous.
Type of soil: Rich, moist. Preferably not calcareous.
Climate: Hardy to -20°C.
Site: Shade to partial shade.
Plantation's density: 6/m².

Characteristics and uses:
The Astilbe is the ideal ground covering plant for shady corners in the garden. In June-July, its vivid coloured blossom will brighten up even the darkest areas of the garden. You can also plant the Astilbe in sunny sites providing that the soil stays moist permanently, as for example near a water spot.

Name Group Specifications Description
Astilbe 'Fanal' Arendsii Height: 60 cm
Blossom: June - July
Early flowerer. Purplish-red spikes.
Astilbe 'Gertrud Brix' Arendsii Height: 80 cm
Foliation: April - November
Blossom: June - July
Early-Mid-summer. Crimson-red flowers.
Astilbe 'Glut' Arendsii Height: 120 cm
Foliation: April - November
Blossom: June - July
Blood-red blossom with glossy, green foliage.
Astilbe of Japan 'Montgomery' Japonica Height: 60 cm
Foliation: April - October
Blossom: June - July
Crimson-green foliage, with red veins on purple stems. Bright, dark red flowers.

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