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Plum tree 'Reine Claude dorée'   /   Prunus domestica Reine Claude doree

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Plum tree 'Reine Claude dorée' - Prunus domestica 'Reine Claude dorée' (latin)

Geographic origin: Syria.
Adult size: Height up to 7 metres.
Foliage: Deciduous.
Type of soil: All.
Climate: Hardy to -17°C.
Position: Full sun.
Pollinators: Reine Claude de Bavay.

Properties and uses:
Widespread in our gardens, the plum tree is adorned with lovely white flowers at the start of the spring. These form on the previous year’s branches, so be careful not to over prune.
The plum tree is particularly susceptible to various diseases and must be closely watched after the flowers appear.
The plum tree Reine Claude golden is one of the best eating varieties. It dates back over 500 years and was named after Queen Claude of France. It has medium sized greenish yellow fruits. The flesh is juicy, sweet and highly fragranced. The fruits are ready to pick between the end of July and beginning of August.
This plum tree is quite resistant to disease, but sometimes it is attacked by aphids (treat by spraying with soapy water). It is a vigorous tree, it is advisable to thin out the centre of the tree and cut off the branches that have given lots of fruit.

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