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Mushroom Plant   /   Rungia Klossii

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Mushroom Plant - Rungia Klossii (latin)

Geographic origin: Papua New Guinea
Adult dimensions: Height up to 50 cm
Foliage: Perennial
Type of soil: Moist and well drained.
Hardiness: Hardy to -5°C.
Exposure: Shade to partial shade

Characteristics and uses:
The Mushroom Plant (Rungia Klossii) is a perennial herb which leaves taste like a mushroom, thus its name ! The leaves of the new growths can be eaten raw right off the plant, in salads or in sandwiches, they then have a Paris Mushroom flavour. Or they can be added to cooked dishes, to obtain a stronger flavour, like that of the Chanterelle mushroom.
The small blue flowers bloom from summer to autumn.
Our advice is to plant the Rungia Klossii in a pot and to place it indoor during winter if living in cold regions, or to plant it directly in the ground among other aromatic herbs if living in regions which are frost free.

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