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April 21st, 2017
Become the king of barbecues thanks to the window box 'Barbecue Aromatics'! Discover in exclusivity our Frangipani trees.
Become the king of barbecue!
Clever : The window box Barbecue Aromatics!
Grow all your aromatics' herbs within easy reach and prepare tasty dishes worthy of a Michelin-starred chef! Tarragon, Bay Laurel, Wild Thyme, Oregano, and Marjoram will sublimate your grilled food, marinades and your dishes cooked in sauce without forgetting of course Mint, indispensable element for your cocktails and herbal tea!
Discover in 1 minute the different essential steps of the window-box' realisation by clicking on the video.
I order the complet kit!
The window box Barbecue Aromatics
Available again : The white flowering Frangipani!
The cuttings have put down roots and are ready to be dispatched from now on. Order yours quickly!
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Seasonal Blossoms :
Snowball Tree
Snowball Tree
We just love its big, white, ball-shaped inflorescences which look like snow balls. This Viburnum will brighten up your flowering beds or flowering hedges without fail! Grown on its own, it is just as spectacular. It can be combined with Rhododendrons which have colourful blossoms for an 'out of the ordinary' effect.
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Oriental Cherry
Oriental Cherry
A real invitation to travel, the blossom of the Japanese Flowering Cherry Tree gives rise to a party called Hanami in Japan. This tree can be grown on its own, or aligned for a guaranteed, spectacular effect!
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For a good barbecue : start with the right equipment!
Charcoal Barbecue - CALDEIRA Charcoal Barbecue - ISY FONTE 55
Charcoal Barbecue
Charcoal Barbecue
225.00 € 249.00 €
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I want it!
Gas Barbecue - FIDGI SB Gas Barbecue - FIESTA 2
Gas Barbecue
Gas Barbecue
485.00 € 289.00 €
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I want it!
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