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Semiarundinaria Bamboos

Semiarundinaria Bamboos Height
Ø cane
Semiarundinaria fastuosa
If they are exposed to the sun the canes turn a browny red. The branches are short and dark green.
Runner root system (spreading variety)
6-8 2,5-4 -22 View prices
Semiarundinaria fastuosa viridis
This bamboo has an upright columnar shape. Its canes are green and it has short branches.
Slightly spreading root system
2-4 -20 View prices
Semiarundinaria makinoi
This bamboo has a columnar shape. Its slender canes are initially green before turning a purplish red. Its foliage is dense and green.
Runner root system (spreading variety)
3,5-5,5 2,5-4 -22 View prices
Semiarundinaria okuboi
This bamboo has a straight yet slightly weeping shape. Its leaves are small but wide. It is very dense and compact.
Runner root system (spreading variety)
3,5-5 1,5-3 -20 View prices
Semiarundinaria yashadake kimmei
The canes of this magnificent small bamboo change colour depending on age and its exposure to the sun.
Runner root system (spreading variety)
3,5-5,5 0,2-2,5 -18 View prices
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