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Oak, cork Chinese   /   Quercus variabilis

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9999K Chinese cork oak - Quercus variabilis
Young plug plant - Height of plant: 30/40 cm .
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Chinese Cork Oak - Quercus variabilis, Quercus bungeana (latin)

Area of origin : Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, and Tibet up to 3400m (3718yds) altitude. Introduced into Europe in 1861 by R. Fortune.
Adult Dimensions : Height up to 30 m (98,4'), width up to 15 m (49,2').
Foliage : Green on top and silvery underneath.
Soil Type : All except too wet.
Hardiness : Tolerant to -20°C. Avoid sea air.
Exposure : Semi-shade to full light.

Properties and uses:
This oak tree is very elegant. It has an open and rounded shape. The cork bark which is grey-pink to brown-grey in colour is used in China but the quality is mediocre. The dark green leaves are silver underneath and golden in autumn. The leaves can measure up to 20cm (7,9") long and 8cm (3,2") wide. The acorns are round and can measure up to 2cm (0,8"). They take 2 years to ripen.

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