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Heather, Yellow   /   Calluna vulgaris Lutea

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Yellow Heather - Calluna vulgaris lutea (latin)

Geographical origin: Horticulture
Adult dimensions: Height up to 40 cm, width up to 50 cm.
Foliage: Evergreen.
Type of soil: Light and well-drained, sandy, acid soil (ph between 4 and 6)
Climate: Hardy to - 15°C
Site: Partial shade to full sun.
Planting density: 5/m².

Characteristics and uses:
This summer flowering Heather, or Callunas, grows mainly in the West of France, and can be found in the Landes' Forest. Hardy and requiring only little maintenance, it will also thrive in other parts of France. For the colder areas, we recommend protecting the soil with mulching, such as pine bark or any other type of organic mulch.
You could also add specific soil for acidophilic plants or a mixture of peat, to help the growth and make the soil more acid.
This white Heather is a beautiful ground-covering plant, which will quickly bring colour to your flowerbeds. Don't hesitate to mix colours !

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