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Honeysuckle, shrubby   /   Lonicera fragrantissima

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Shrubby Honeysuckle - Lonicera fragrantissima (latin)

Geographical origin: Eastern China.
Adult dimensions: Height up to 3m, width up to 4m.
Foliage: Deciduous to semi-evergreen.
Type of soil: Any, well drained.
Hardiness: Hardy to -30°C.
Exposure: Partial shade.

Properties and uses:
The Shrubby honeysuckle is a very hardy shrub that flowers in winter. Its small white flowers are heavily scented and full of nectar; the smell is reminiscent of Jasmine.
It has a bushy yet weeping form that makes it a suitable specimen tree in borders or smaller gardens. You will also benefit from its sweet perfume at a time in the year when flowers are scarce...

List of Lonicera:
Honeysuckle Box leaved (Lonicera nitida), excellent ground cover...
Honeysuckle Edible, May Berry (Lonicera kamtschatica), produces edible blue berries...
Honeysuckle Fly (Lonicera xylosteum), much used within country hedges...
Honeysuckle Goldflamme (Lonicera heckrottii Goldflame), tubular, vivid red shaped flowers, reveal a yellow-orange centre...
Honeysuckle Hall's prolific (Lonicera japonica Hall's prolific), very fragrant flowers, creamy-white to start with then yellow...
Honeysuckle Tellmanniana (Lonicera Tellmanniana), golden-yellow flowers...

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