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Vine peach tree with red flesh   /   Prunus persica PV rubra

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Vine peach tree with red flesh - Prunus persica pêche de vigne rubra (latin)

Geographic origin: China.
Adult size: Height up to 5 metres.
Foliage: Deciduous.
Type of soil: All, except very cold soils.
Climate: Hardy to -15°C, but the flowers will perish below -1°C.
Position: Full sun, sheltered from cold winds.
Pollinators: Self-fertile. However if two different varieties are planted in proximity then the yield of fruit will be higher.

Properties and uses:
The peach tree is happy in a temperate climate. It does not particularly like the cold but prefers warmth and sunshine.
Its rose coloured flowers appear in the spring and are followed by the fruits, which are delicious if allowed to ripen in the sun.
The peach tree is very susceptible to the disease “peach leaf curl”, so you must be attentive and use a preventative treatment just after the leaves have fallen and before the flowers appear. You should also keep an eye open for any other disease that could affect its health...
It is important to regularly prune the tree as this encourages better fruiting and because the fruit bearing branches die off.
The vine peach is smaller than other peaches, but is no less tasty. In bygone days, it was grown along side vines to detect early attacks of oidium before too much damage was done. It fruits quite late and is therefore particularly recommended for colder regions.

The vine peach tree ‘Sanguine’ produces round fruits of medium size. The flesh is white and red, very fragrant and reasonably juicy. The fruits are ready to pick in September and October.

Plant them now: the shortest way to your plate is through your garden!

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