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Bamboo Pleioblastus variegatus   /   Pleioblastus variegatus

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Bamboo Pleioblastus variegatus

Pleioblastus variegatus

Geographic Origin: Originates from Japan.
Adult size: Up to 1m in height.
Cane diameter: 0,1 to 0,5 cm.
Foliage: Evergreen.
Type of soil: Moist and deep. Does not like excessive chalk.
Exposure: Partial shade.
Hardiness: -28°C.
Root development: Runner root system (spreading variety).

Pleioblastus variegatus

Characteristics and uses:
The bamboo has subtle white variegated foliage.

This small bamboo is happy when planted as part of a group or in a border to break up the space.

To ensure a harmonious plant it is advisable to prune the Pleioblastus variegatus every 2 to 3 years.
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