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Sweet Box, Sarcococca 'digyna'   /   Sarcococca hookeriana 'Digyna'

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Sweet Box, Sarcococca 'digyna' - Sarcococca Hookeriana 'digyna' (latin)

Area of origin: China
Adult Dimensions: height up to 80 cm, width up to 120 cm.
Foliage: Evergreen.
Soil Type: Preferably acidic, moist but well-drained, doesn’t like water logging
Hardiness: Hardy to -15°C.
Exposure: Full shade to partial shade

Properties and uses:
The Sweet Box is a small, suckering evergreen shrub with fragrant winter flowers.
The creamy-white or pinkish flowers bloom in February-March and look like ribbons. The foliage is evergreen; the” Digyna” variety bears narrowly lanceolate dark green leaves.
In March, the flowers are followed by dark blueish berries, which are not edible.
We recommend you plant this Sweet Box with other coloured bushes that thrive in acid soil, such as Azaleas, Hydrangeas and Rhododendrons, to bring some colour contrast to your garden.

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