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Pear trees Varieties

Variety Maturity Pollinator(s)  
Pear tree 'Beurré hardy'
Medium sized yellow,brown and red fruits. The flesh is soft,delicate and highly fragrant.
mid August 'William's' View prices
Pear tree 'Conférence'
Large long fruits with a fragrant, firm and crunchy flesh. It is the ideal pear for cooking.
end of September beginning of October 'Doyenné du Comice', 'William's' View prices
Pear tree 'Docteur Jules Guyot'
Medium to large sized fruits. They are lemon yellow to green in colour often with pink tints, the flesh is delicate, juicy and quite sweet.
July and August 'Conférence', 'Docteur Jules Guyot' View prices
Pear tree 'Doyenné du Comice'
Large round fruits that are yellow brown in colour. The flesh is very sweet, juicy and fragrant.
end of October beginning of November 'Conférence', 'William's' View prices
Pear tree 'Duchesse d'Angoulême'
Very large yellow fruits that are dappled with brown; the flesh is delicate and sweet.
September and November 'Conférence', 'William's' View prices
Pear tree 'Louise Bonne'
Colourful medium sized fruits; the flesh is delicate, juicy and sweet.
end of October 'Beurré hardy' View prices
Pear tree 'William's'
Very large golden yellow fruits. The flesh is delicate, soft,juicy and fragrant.
beginning of September 'Conférence', 'Doyenné du Comice' View prices
Pear tree 'William's' rouge
as productive a variety as the classic William’s, but the skin of the fruit is more unusual as it is red.
beginning of September Self-fertile View prices
Bronze Nashi 'Hosui' or Asian Pear
Bronze skin, juicy texture.
middle of August to beginning of September 'William's' View prices
Yellow Nashi 'Shinseiki' or Asian Pear
Round in shape with a smooth yellow green skin; its flesh is sweet and juicy.
beginning of August 'William's' View prices
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