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Wisteria 'Pink Ice'   /   Wisteria floribunda Pink Ice

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Pink Wisteria 'Pink Ice' - Wisteria floribunda Pink ice (latin)

Geographical origin: Japan.
Adult dimensions: Length of the stems up to 10 m.
Foliage: Deciduous.
Type of soil: Moist and light.
hardiness: Hardy to -20°C.
Exposure: Mid-shade to full sun.
Toxicity: All parts of the plant are toxic.

Properties and uses:
The Wisteria 'Pink ice' offers a remarkable blossom in May. Its flowers, in trails of 40 to 60 cm are pink and lightly scented.
Give a strong support to you Wisteria. Grown on a pergola or arbour, the wisteria will bring a touch of romanticism to your garden.

List of Wisteria:
Wisteria (Wisteria sinensis), magnificent fragrant blossoms in bunches of 10 to 30 cm.
Wisteria, White (Wisteria floribunda Alba), probably the most beautiful of the white flowering varieties.

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