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Sago Cycad - C21   /   Cycas revoluta - C21

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Sago Cycad, King Sago Palm, Sago Palm - Cycas revoluta (latin)
Pot diameter 21 cm - Indoor plant

Recommended temperature: 15 to 22°C.
Hygrometry: Humid atmosphere.
Site: Full sun.
Geographical origins: Tropical and sub-tropical areas.
Adult dimensions: Height up to 7 m, width up to 4 m.
Climate: The fronds are frost sensitive to temperatures below –5°C, below -10°C the plant will die.

Properties and uses:
This Sago Cycad (Cycas revoluta) is really a Fern that has hints of a palm tree.
It is ideal in gardens where the winters are mild. It is slow growing with a short trunk and plenty of large leaves.
The Sago Cycad can be planted in the ground either alone or with other tropical plants in mild areas.
For the more northerly regions it is best planted in a pot and brought inside during the autumn into a light and airy room, to create a houseplant.

Soil and Compost

Potting Compost

Potting Compost: Suggested uses
Bougainvilleas, Crotons, Cycas, Cyclamens, Dumb canes, Dragon trees, Tree ivy, Ficus, Ferns, Gardenias, Hibiscus, Busy Lizzie, kalanchoes, Ivies, Jasmin, Marantas, Monsteras, indoors palm trees, Philodendrons, Phoenix, Poinsettias, Primroses, Scheffleras, Yuccas, Indoor Plants...

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