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European spindle tree   /   Euonymus europaeus

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European Spindle Tree - Euonymus europaeus (latin)

Area of origin: Europe, Asia.
Adult Dimensions: Height up to 4m, width up to 4m (13').
Foliage: Deciduous.
Soil Type: Not too poor.
Hardiness: Hardy to -30°C.
Exposure: Shade to full sun.

Properties and uses:
Little white flowers in May and June the foliage turns the most beautiful bright red colour in autumn. The pink-red fruits of four lobes open when ripe and reveal their oranges centres. They remain for much of the winter on the branches.
All aspects of this lovely tree make it an interesting specimen to have in any park or garden, planted alone, within hedges or flowerbeds. Bonsai enthusiasts also value this lovely plant.

The Euonymus europaeus is used in the following hedges:
Country Hedge 'Pierre'
Wind Break Hedge

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