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Dogwood, Chinese 'Satomi'   /   Cornus kousa Satomi

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Pink flowering Dogwood 'Satomi' - Cornus kousa 'Satomi' (latin)

Geographical origin: Japan and Korea.
Adult Dimensions: Height up to 10m. Spread up to 8m.
Foliage: Deciduous.
Type of soil: Sensitive to calcareous soil. Prefers moist soil (Heath peat)
Climate: Hardy up to -20°C.
Site: Partial shade to full sun.

Characteristics and uses:
The pink flowering Dogwood 'Satomi' bears remarkable pink blossom in May-June. Its foliage takes on beautiful red tints in the autumn, period in which it will also produce red, fleshy, edible fruits. The Pink flowering Dogwood is perfect grown in shady, heath-peat flowerbeds or on lawns which receive very little sunshine.

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