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Beard of Jupiter, Crimson   /   Jovibarba hirta Purpurea

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Crimson Beard of Jupiter, Hen and chicks - Jovibarba hirta 'Purpurea' (latin)

Adult dimensions: Height up to 15 cm, width up to 30 cm.
Foliage: Evergreen.
Type of soil: Ordinary, dry, withstands easily drought and calcareous soils.
Climate: Hardy in well drained soils, withstands seaside sites.
Site: Full sun.
Plantation density: 15/m².

Properties and uses:
The crimson Beard of Jupiter 'Purpurea' forms a small cushion of purple rosettes in summer and vivid violet in winter. Its leaves are thick and bordered with down. It produces small yellow flowers at the beginning of summer.
The Beard of Jupiter will thrive where nothing else grows! With no particular looking after, it will be happy in a rockery, a stony area, a crack in a small wall, any space left free in between paving stones...
It can spend winter outside as long as its roots stay dry.
Remember to remove the wilted rosettes after blossoming, as this will encourage the formation of new rosettes.

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