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Dwarf bamboos

Dwarf bamboos Height
Ø cane
Pleioblastus auricomus
Slightly hairy canes, foliage dashed with golden yellow.
Runner root system (spreading variety)
0,2-0,4 0,1-0,2 -26 View prices
Pleioblastus distichus
Small green leaves, squat shape.
Runner root system (spreading variety)
0,1-0,5 -20 View prices
Pleioblastus pumilus
Dark green foliage, upright growth.
Slightly spreading root system
0,3-1 -20 View prices
Pleioblastus pygmaeus
Small green leaves, squat shape.
Runner root system (spreading variety)
0,2-1 0,2 -20 View prices
Pleioblastus variegatus
Foliage dashed with white.
Runner root system (spreading variety)
1 0,1-0,5 -28 View prices
Sasaella masamuneana Albostriata
Green or brown canes, flattened around the knots, light beige sheath. Very long green leaves (up to 50cm) with creamy white stripes, cascading weeping shape.
Runner root system (spreading variety)
1-2 0,4-1 -23 View prices

Dwarf bamboos (<1m)
Dwarf bamboos are a pretty addition to any border. They can also be used for low hedges, ground cover and could even be used to replace grass in lawns...
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