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Bamboos for hedges

Bamboos for hedges Height
Ø cane
Bambusa multiplex Alphonse karr
Yellow / orange canes streaked with green.
Clumper root system (non-spreading variety)
3 1-2 -5 View prices
Bashania fargesii
Dark green canes, cascading shape.
Runner root system (spreading variety)
4-5,5 1,5-4 -28 View prices
Fargesia jiuzhaigou Genf Red
Very slender and dense foliage, red stems.
Clumper root system (non-spreading variety)
2-4 -20 View prices
Fargesia nitida 'Black Pearl'
Dense foliage and purple-tinged nearly black canes.
Clumping Bamboos
2-3 -20 View prices
Fargesia nitida Great wall
Very slender leaves.
Clumper root system (non-spreading variety)
3-5 -22 View prices
Fargesia nitida 'Winter Joy'
greenish-blue stalks and weeping shape.
Clumping Bamboos
3-4 0,3-1,5 -23 View prices
Fargesia robusta Pingwu
Green canes with white sheath, upright habit.
Clumper root system (non-spreading variety)
4-5 -20 View prices
Fargesia rufa
Rose coloured sheath, slightly weeping comportment.
Clumper root system (non-spreading variety)
2-3 0,3-1,5 -28 View prices
Fargesia scabrida Asian wonder
Purplish sheath on canes, upright growth.
Clumper root system (non-spreading variety)
4-6 0,5-1 -28 View prices
Hibanobambusa tranquilans Shiroshima
Broad luminous green leaves dashed with creamy white, open shape.
Runner root system (spreading variety)
2-4 -25 View prices
Phyllostachys aureosulcata Aureocaulis
These coarse canes are entirely light yellow, the youngest ones will become yellow/red in the sun. The canes often form a zig zag. Upright growth.
Runner root system (spreading variety)
4,5-7 1,5-5,5 -26 View prices
Phyllostachys bissetti
Very dark and dense green foliage. Young edible shoots.
Runner root system (spreading variety)
6-8 2-2,5 -26 View prices
Phyllostachys humilis
Green canes turning yellow/orange when exposed to the sun. Very dense green foliage, very hairy sheath.
Runner root system (spreading variety)
3-5 1,5-3 -26 View prices
Phyllostachys nigra
Ebony black canes, very fine leaves green on top and blue/grey underneath. Young edible shoots.
Runner root system (spreading variety)
5,5-7 2-4 -22 View prices
Pseudosasa japonica
Olive green to pale beige canes at maturity, dark green long leaves that are grey underneath, slightly weeping shape.
lightly spreading root system
4-5,5 0,5-1,5 -25 View prices
Pseudosasa japonica Tsutsumiana
Green canes between swollen knots, green foliage.
Runner root system
2-3,5 -25 View prices
Sasa tsuboiana
Dark green smooth leaves
Runner root system
1,5-2 0,3-0,5 -22 View prices
Sasaella masamuneana Albostriata
Green or brown canes, flattened around the knots, light beige sheath. Very long green leaves (up to 50cm) with creamy white stripes, cascading weeping shape.
Runner root system (spreading variety)
1-2 0,4-1 -23 View prices
Semiarundinaria fastuosa viridis
Green canes , green supple foliage, columnar shape.
Runner root system (spreading variety)
6-8+ 2,5-4 -22 View prices
Semiarundinaria okuboi
Small broad green leaves, very dense and compact shape.
Runner root system (spreading variety)
3,5-5 1,5-3 -20 View prices
Semiarundinaria yashadake Kimmei
Golden yellow canes with green stripes, turning crimson red in the sun, light green leaves that are creased at the base, columnar shape.
Runner root system (spreading variety)
3,5-5,5 0,2-2,5 -18 View prices

Bamboos for hedges
All bamboos can be used for hedging. Planfor has selected some bamboos that are especially suitable. These bamboos are usually planted 1 metre apart for the non spreading varieties (clumper root systems) and 1.40 metres apart for the spreading varieties (runner root systems).

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