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Coffee shrub of Arabia - C12   /   Coffea arabica

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Coffee shrub of Arabia - Coffea arabica (latin)
Pot diameter 12 cm - Indoor plant

Recommended temperature: 18 to 23°C, 13°C minimum - avoid thermal shocks.
Hygrometry: Humid.
Soil: Free draining.
Site: Bright light, avoiding direct sunrays.
Geographical origins: Eastern Africa.

Characteristics and Uses:
The Coffee shrub is grown as an indoor plant under our latitude.
It has undulating, shiny green foliage.
In summer, its extremely scented white blossom is reminiscent of the Jasmine fragrance.

Looking after advice:

In the spring and summer,
- Water regularly and moderately, without letting water stagnate.
- Give it fertilizer every fortnight.
- Between waterings, let the soil dry out.
- You can also spray its foliage if the air is too dry.

In summer,
- You can place you Coffee Shrub outside, providing you acclimatise it slowly to it and avoid thermal shocks.
- The sun and warmth should encourage blossom.
- Waterings could be more spaced out the rest of the year.
- Ideally, it should be placed in a cooler spot.
- Re-pot only when necessary, in the spring and into a slightly bigger pot.

Your Coffee Shrub looses its leaves ?
- It is because it lacks of light.
- Bring it closer to windows providing the sun rays do not fall onto it mid days.

A white sheet appears on the leaves ?
- Then it has too much water.
- Treat with a fungicide and reduce watering frequency.

A drying out of the leaves on the other hand ?
- Means that it lacks water.

Soil and Compost

Potting Compost

Potting Compost: Suggested uses
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