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Garden Sprinkler, Aquacontour - Gardena

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Surface irrigation system Aquacontour - Gardena

Reference: 8133-20
Guarantee: 2 years


A unique watering system adaptable to the shape of your garden.
A jet of water slowly turns in a circle to the end of the programmed sector, altering the spray range depending on the ranges programmed. Up to 50 different trajectories can be stored individually per program.
Dirt resistant keyboard to easily record the different details and shapes of the garden.

Two different garden shapes can be programmed.
You need to irrigate two different areas ? They are easily programmed separately and can be used at any time for an effortless watering experience.

A user-friendly device.
Clear instructions allow an easy professional-like watering.

A secured installation
Easy and precise repositioning thanks to the use of ground stakes.


Watering sector: 25° - 360°.
Watering range: 2.5 - 9 m (2 bar) / 4 – 10.5 m (4 bar).
Area coverage: max. 350 m².
Batteries: 4 IEC LR14 type batteries (1,5V) - approx. 90 watering hours

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