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Aqua Care - Elho

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A0191 Pack of 2
Aqua Care - Elho
Capacity: 0,5 litre
Référence: 2 102 920 810 000
8.25 Unavailable


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Aqua Care - Elho

The aqua Care by Elho is an easy to use watering system, which gives the perfect quantity of water to your plants.
Fill the water ball, and then plant it in the soil, slightly tilted, until you get to just underneath the roots level. The water starts to run down the stem as soon as your plant needs it. Therefore, you will not need to worry about your plants when you go on holiday.

Capacity: 50 cl
Recommended use for pots of between 14 and 50 cm in diameter.
Sold in packs of two.

How does it work ?
The stem shape, long and fine allows water to distribute itself by capillarity, in function of the plant needs.

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