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Make your hedge starting from 1€50 per plant
See our selection of plants from 15 to 150 cm high.
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Hose Pipes

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Outdoor Grills

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Citrus Trees

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Decorative Mulch

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Fargesia robusta

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Gardening Advices

Sow spring vegetables (under cover)
Bring forward spring harvests by starting your first sowings under protection which will make you gain a few weeks. Even in a smaller garden, it is worth the trouble!

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Recovering rainwater
Depending on the region where your garden is, you can realistically expect to recover between 400 and 800 litres of water per year for every m² of roof.

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Install a pond in your garden
A little bit of water, pebbles, a few plants and there you have your garden transformed !!

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Setting up a little area just for you,
a relaxing space to escape for a few minutes or a few hours...

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The brand LECHUZA® joins - 23/02/2015 enhances its range of Flower Pots and Planters. Specialist in the manufacturing of plastic pots with water reservoirs, the brand LECHUZA® has developed ingenious and design product ranges, which can be used both indoors and outdoors.

As of now, include more than 550 Planters and Flower pots, especially selected for you:
- Shapes: from the most classic to the most surprising.
- Materials: wood, plastic, Terracotta, geotextile and foam.
- Sizes: from the very small to the very large.

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