Planting Agapanthus
Resisting, azure balls

In pots like in the ground, these sun loving plants have everything going for them. And they are not fragile in the least!

Planting Agapanthus

Some sun and food

Agapanthuses never have too much sun, as they originally come from the low meadows of southern Africa. They must at least benefit from sunrays during half a day in summer. Therefore plant them in a sunny site.

Agapanthuses like a free draining, rich soil. In sandy soils, give them some fertilizer or add compost. In clayish soil, add some porous elements to the planting ground, such as pouzzolane, which will help the water to run away and not stagnate at the roots in winter.

An Agapanthus which does not blossom (or very little) can suffer from one of the following problem:
- The soil is too poor: one must add compost or a slow release fertilizer, in May
- The site has too much shade (lack of sun): you must move the plant or prune the shrub or tree which creates the shade;
- The soil is too dry in summer, especially after the normal flowering period: they must be watered during summer; it is the secret of a beautiful blossom!

Frost resisting Agapanthus

Winter cold (frost inferior to -10°C) harms the Agapanthus which keeps its foliage all year round. Therefore, in areas which have cold winters, grow them in pots and bring them indoors, in a light, cool place kept at less than 12°C, such as a bright cellar or a staircase hall.

All Agapanthuses do not suffer from cold: some varieties lose their leaves in winter and can withstand temperatures of -15°C, and even less. Their blossom is often thinner, but easier. It is worth giving them a try!

So many roots!

In pots, Agapanthus forms an important roots ‘mass, which in the end occupies the entire available space. The plant enjoys these conditions, but it has its limits. When the roots are really tightly packed and there is not enough soil to nourish the plant, it blossoms less. There are two solutions:
- give a complete, liquid fertilizer (with trace elements), from July right through to the end of September;
- repot the plant in a pot which has a diameter at least 5cm bigger, using rich compost.

How to plant

1 Dig a hole, large enough to accommodate the earth ball.
Planting Agapanthus
2 Improve the bottom of the hole with organic matter.
Planting Agapanthus
3 Remove the plant from the pot.

Planting Agapanthus
4 Place it in the hole and put the soil back.
Planting Agapanthus
5 Give a slow release fertilizer.

Planting Agapanthus
6 Water after planting.

Planting Agapanthus
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