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Decking – Cumaru

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Decking – exotic hardwood Cumaru

Possessing the same qualities as Ipe, Cumaru is the type of wood you should use to kit out your exterior space.

Cumaru is extremely resistant to the elements and especially recommended for often or permanently damp places.

Its beautiful brown color along with its fine grain will enchant those lovers of aesthetism.

Description of: Exotic Hardwood Cumaru

Decking first choice
Fitting: with screws
Two faced: 1 face smooth and 1 face grooved (5 central grooves in V formation)
Micro – bevelled edges

General Qualities:

Naturally rot resistant: class IV
Recommended for fitting if it is to be in contact with the ground
Density: 1070 kilos/m3
Color: ranging from light to dark brown
Grain: fine
Veining: very fine


Length: 2m20
Width: 14cm
Thickness: 21mm


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