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Aubergine Seeds - Baluroi F1 Aubergine

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Baluroi F1 Aubergine (Egg Plant) - Solanum melongena (latin)

A vigorous plant, not very sensitive to Verticillium and Powdery mildew. Cylindrical, long fruits (approximately 25cm long), shinny purply-black. Prolific variety suited to under cover, spring cultivation or outdoor cultivation (in season).

Type of soil: Rich and well drained. It is possible to grow it in a pot.
Sowing time: From January to March.
Harvest time: 5 month from sowing.
Minimum temperature: The optimal temperature for germanating is between 26 and 30°C.
Site: Full sun.

The eggplant is a plant, which needs sun and warmth. In areas north of the Loire, its cultivation will need to take place in a greenhouse.

Indoor sowing:
- Sow two to three seeds per pot between January and March. Cover the seeds with a 4 to 6mm layer of compost.
- You should only keep the strongest seedling.
- Towards April-May, after the last frosts, transplant your seedlings in to the garden or in large pots.
- Keep a distance of 30 to 40 cm between plants.

Pruning and looking after:
- Take out the lateral shoots, and pinch each branch above the second flower.
- Water regularly and with moderation.
- When the fruits are nicely colored and firm, it is time to harvest.

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