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Moles - Moles repellent

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Moles repellent: Stop moles
Moles repellent: Stop moles - Plants care, treatments

What is the problem ?
Moles can cause considerable damage in the garden:
The molehills transform the lawn into a giant building site.
The moles eat useful worms.

The nuisance: where and when ?
In lawns, vegetable gardens, ornamental gardens...
Moles are active all year round, especially throughout winter.

A product that produces strong electromechanical vibrations, which repels moles.

Start by digging a hole in the ground using the perforating hose included.
Place 4 batteries type D in the apparatus and close.
Place the 'Stop Moles' in the hole made earlier, taking care of burying it enough to be able to cut the lawn.
Allows protecting areas of up to 500 m² in light ground, and up to 1200 m² in heavy ground.

The advantages of the moles repellent:
An efficient solution, safe for domestic animals.
No use of poison.
This system is re-usable repeatedly.
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