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Ericaceous Compost

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Ericaceous Compost - Compost

Suggested uses:
Anthuriums, Begonias, Rubber plant, ficus...

Hydrangeas, Azaleas, Heathers, Rhododendrons, Camellia, Ferns, Magnolias, Pieris, Japanese Maple, Plants for acid soil...

- Sedge and bog peat
- Bark compost
- Vegetal fibres
- Silicious soil
- Fertilizer

Agronomic description:
The proportion of peat moss and bog peat allows this product to have greater water retention capabilities than pure peat, which tends to have a tendency to dry out. The low PH will help to avoid anemia and discoloration of plants growing in chalky soil.

Ericaceous Compost - Compost

Chemical breakdown:

Aqueous extract 1/5
pH (H2O) 5,7
Conductivity (mS/m) 25
Dry matter (% of gross product) 30
Organic matter (% of dry product) 30
Capacity for water retention (ml/l) 670
Fertilizer composition NPK 14-10-18 (Kg/m3) 1

This compost complies with:
- NF U 44-551
- To the quality certification NF 142 Horticulture supports
- Guidelines contained in the CAS charter
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