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Yucca 1 Trunk + Anthracite Cachepot

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Spineless Yucca with 1 trunk - Yucca elephantipes (latin)
Pot diameter 14 cm - Indoor plant

Recommended temperature: 18 to 22°C.
Hygrometry: Humid atmosphere.
Site: Partial shade or full light.
Geographical origins: Southern Mexico and Guatemala.
Adult dimensions: From 2 to 4 m indoors, up to 15 m outdoor in its original habitat.
Growth: Rapid, providing good watering in summertime.

Properties and uses:
The Spineless Yucca (Yucca Elephantipes) takes its name from the fact that its trunk is always larger at the base, reminiscent of an elephant foot.
Extremely sculptural, this Yucca is often used as an indoor plant.
Its elongated leaves can measure as much as 75 cm in length and their ends are not pointed. They are grouped together at the top of the trunk or trunks.
Finally the Yucca Elephantipes is an air cleansing plant especially efficient against ammoniac, benzene and carbon monoxide.

Looking after advice:

Indoors, make sure to put it in a light room.
- However pay attention not to put it next to a window that is exposed to the sun for long periods as this may cause burning of its leaves.
- As soon as outside temperatures allow you can put your Yucca outside on the patio.
- Water it with care especially during the winter. A good guide is to wait until the soil surface is dry before watering.
- Sprays its leaves regularly especially in the summer.
Why do the young leaves of my Yucca turn white ?
As is often the case this is due to over watering which leads to asphyxiation of the roots of the Yucca.
Why do the leaves of my Yucca turn yellow ?
The Yucca renews its leaves. Let them dry and then pull them off, this is totally normal.

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