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Sweet Corn seeds - 'Golden Bantam' Sweet Corn

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Sweetcorn Golden Bantam - Zea mays (latin)

Sweet variety suited to human consumption. The long cobs are to be eaten after being cooked in water, in kernels or whole. They can also be grilled.

Type of soil: Rich and well drained. Deeply dug.
Sowing time: April to June. Space out the sowings to extend the harvest period.
Harvest time: 3 months after sowing.
Site: Full sun.

Sweet corn can be eaten directly from the cob after being boiled or grilled on the barbecue. Pay attention when choosing their position in the garden as they can easily reach 2 metres in height.

Sow in small pockets:
- Bury three or four seeds about 4cm deep. Water using a fine spray.
- Choose the strongest plant in each group once they have come through.

Sow in rows:
- Place a seed every 15cm.
- When they have come through choose one plant in two to keep.

- Hoe regularly around the base of the plants.
- Water regularly.
- Vous pouvez cultiver au pied de vos maïs courges et courgettes, qui maintiendront un sol frais.
- You can grow marrows or courgettes around the base of your plants to help keep the soil moist.
- When harvest time arrives, check the maturity of the cobs: the grains should be well-formed, smooth and milky white in colour; they should yield under the pressure of the fingernail. To harvest them, hold the stem in one hand and the cob in the other and lightly pull them apart, they should separate easily.

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