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Processionary Caterpillars - Pheromone trap

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Pheromone trap for the Pine Processionary Caterpillar

The pheromones trap for the Pine Processionary Caterpillar allows you to disorientate the male butterflies at the time when they are looking to mate (in summer).
It allows capturing up to 40% of the male butterflies population, thus preventing a great deal of females fecundation. It is used as a complement of the Eco-trap for Processionary Caterpillars.
Click here to know more about the Pine Processionary Caterpillar, how to recognise it, understand the dangers

How does it work:

The pheromone trap is made of three parts.
- The first one contains a pheromone pastille, specific to the Thaumatopoea Pityocampa, designed to attract the male butterflies which only live for a few hours, the time they need to mate.
- The second part is a chamber in which the male butterflies are going to get into and exhaust themselves.
- Then, they are collected in the third part, an opaque bag which does not let you see the trapped butterflies.

This trap does not present a danger for all other butterflies species and other insects.

Assembly instructions:

Number of traps required:
Copses: 5 traps/ hectare (10 000m2) or 4 traps placed at each cardinal point.
Alignment: 1 trap every 25 metres
Isolated trees: 1 to 2 traps nearby
To place mid-May.

- Place the pheromone tablet in the pheromone chamber and shut the lid.
- Weight the bag with one litre of water mixed with approximately 5cl of table oil (so as to limit water evaporation).
- Install the trap approximately 1.5 metres from the ground, taking care of not having any branches or other obstacles nearby which could get in the way of the butterflies flight.
- It is recommended to take a look once a week, or once every fortnight.
- If the pheromone tablet used is not a Long-life one, think about changing it at the end of July for optimum efficiency.
- At the beginning of October, remove the trap, clean it and keep it for the following year.

Use-by date: as per the expiry date written on the cap's wrapping.
Be careful, never open the cap of the pheromone's capsule!

Be an Eco-Citizen!

To know more about the Pine Processionary Caterpillar, know how to recognise it and participate to the INRA research program download the application AGIIR on your smartphone, iPhone or tablet.
• For more information: Click here (in French)

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