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Nido Cottage - Mocha - LECHUZA

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The NIDO Cottage from LECHUZA® allows you to decorate your balconies and terraces with a stylish, modern hanging pot. Its look imitating wicker resin makes it an original decorating element for your outdoor. The metal hanging system is fitted in a few seconds. It can also be removed from the pot if you wish to get your plants indoor over winter. For a total ‘wicker resin’s look’ you can play with the available shades or combine the NIDO with other models in the Cottage range.

The pot is pre-pierced. For an outdoor use, you only need to open the drainage system so that the excess water drains out automatically.

Planter manufactured in a high quality, unbreakable, UV and frost- resistant plastic.
Can be either used indoors or outdoors.

Complete Kit:

- Inside liner with water reservoir
- Filling in measuring tube with water gauge
- Planting substrate (made of volcanic rock and slow release fertiliser for an efficiency of up to 1 year).
- Stainless steel hanging system.

Advantages of the water-reservoir LECHUZA®:

- No longer the need to water your plants regularly
- Watering is made easy thanks to the measuring tube
- The plants absorb directly the water quantity they need to thrive by capillary action.

Dimensions :

Outside dimensions:
- Diameter at the top of the pot : 27 cm
- Diameter at the base of the pot: 20 cm
- Height: 23 cm

Inside dimensions:
- Top of the liner diameter : 24 cm
- Height : 15 cm
- Planting volume available: 6 litres
- Water volume available: 1.9 litres

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